Neighbourhood Safety

  • Making our Neighbourhoods friendly with activities for all ages and ensure community centres are accessible
    having walking and cycling routes pedestrian friendly
  • Creating supportive hubs for cultural, health and social services for all ages
    holding Monthly Ward Meetings with residents
  • Increasing a police presence with active community policing and neighbourhood watch teams


  • Neighbourhood planning that supports equitable and safe housing standards for all
  • Work to end chronic homelessness.
    Uphold housing standards, support Landlord licensing and increase enforcement.

Planning and Zoning

  • Voting for development that respects character and heritage in our neighbourhoods
  • Ensuring that new Housing is affordable and within neighbourhood zoning
    Getting needed Infrastructure that supports Ottawa as a Liveable city
    Creating Business improvement zones to support our community businesses



  • Ensure that we achieve connectivity for neighbourhoods that support walkable, bike friendly and safe routes for all
  • Get OC Transpo to provide Reliable public transit throughout the ward and connecting to light rail
  • Enforce speed zones in neighbourhoods and provide traffic calming where needed
  • Work to reduce traffic congestion
    Maintain our roads and fix those potholes!


  • Promote healthy neighbourhoods with tree planting and upgrading local parks.
  • Support community gardens local community groups on environmental issues
  • Do our part to reduce Greenhouse gases and improve air quality in our city.

Building A Liveable Ottawa Together

“Liveable Neighbourhoods” throughout Ward 13 and the City of Ottawa require leadership, vision and action.

I’ve been working for our communities by taking your issues to City Hall as a community volunteer.
I want to be your Councillor and to make City Hall work for you!
I’ll listen to you and take up your issues at City Hall.

My professional background began with teaching in a rural school and grew to include teaching pre-school to high school, University and adult education .  Leadership experiences include program consultant and public school principal along with local, provincial and international exchange opportunities.

More recently, my community work includes: President of the Federation of Community Associations of Ottawa(FCA) and President of the Ottawa Council of Women(OCW), Past Chair of the Parks, Recreation and Culture Advisory Committee, City of Ottawa and Past President of the Overbrook Community Association.

Community safety, good planning, transportation, recreation and environment are key issues that matter to us all.  My local volunteer work with initiating neighbourhood watch activities, youth murals, community gardens, leading city wide planning forums,  fighting for the renovation of the Overbrook Community Centre, adopting the park, leading park beautification and tree planting are examples of leadership, with results.

Additional volunteer time includes advisor Ottawa Neighbourhood Study (ONS), Overbrook Community Gardens, Cornerstone Women’s Shelter, and Vice-President of the recently incorporated Rideau Community Hub, which is the former Rideau High School site.

Crime Prevention of Ottawa awarded me in 2018 as “Volunteer of the Year”.

As an avid cyclist, skier and rower, I love the opportunities and potential that Ottawa provides. Supporting local venues for the arts, such as the NAC, is of particular personal enjoyment, along with fellowship at St. Bartholomew’s Church.

Sheila is a graduate of both Carleton University (BA) and the University of Ottawa (M.Ed)