Jeff Leiper

Kitchissippi councillor Jeff Leiper and I have worked on many issues together for several years. I’m thrilled to have his strong support as I seek election in Rideau-Rockcliffe.

The residents of Rideau-Rockcliffe have had strong representation for the last four years. In this year’s by-election, it’s more important than ever that Rideau-Rockcliffe has a councillor who is a smart, independent thinker with a vision for Ottawa and the deep knowledge of how to achieve it at City Hall.

This spring, I’m supporting Sheila Perry as that Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe.

Sheila and I began collaborating on infill and development issues when we were both

I’ve watched her work on the Rideau Hub to help bring that to fruition and cheered when she won a Crime Prevention Ottawa award for those efforts. Her relationships and ability to accomplish good things for her community have my utmost association leaders. Our relationship has only gotten stronger as we’ve worked together on city-building and governance issues in her leadership role with the Federation of Citizens Associations.

Council has a critical term ahead. When the new councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe takes their seat, they’ll need to come to the table with an already deep understanding of our city planning processes, including zoning, the Official Plan, development charges, the budget, housing and transportation planning.

I’m looking forward to working with Sheila and continuing the great relationship I’ve forged with the representative of Rideau-Rockcliffe. I know that when residents elect Sheila, she’ll hit the ground running to champion the values and decision-making I know Ottawa needs at this critical time in our city’s history.

Visit her website at to learn more.

Marianne Wilkinson

I am very pleased and honored to have the endorsement of Marianne Wilkinson, former Mayor of the City of Kanata and City of Ottawa Councillor!

Sheila Perry is a smart, caring, community volunteer who, for many years, has worked to improve both her community and the City of Ottawa a better place.  I know Sheila well and she deserves your vote as she will be a terrific Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe

-- Marianne Wilkinson, former Mayor of the City of Kanata and City of Ottawa Councillor

William Mark Curfoot-Mollington

RIDEAU ROCKCLIFFE: You all know my position on using Facebook during elections. Indulge me once please!

If you live in Rideau Rockcliffe ward, please consider SHEILA PERRY who is hoping to replace Toby on city council.
I have known Sheila for years; she is one of those amazing community people. A former school principal, she devotes her life to serving the community. I honestly don’t know anyone I could feel more confident in endorsing.
So few people vote in municipal election at any time. And by elections ......well. Please go out to vote on the 15th . You can read more about her at her website:

-- William Mark Curfoot-Mollington


Peggy Caesar

Sheila Perry has a long and consistent track record of being the champion of working class families and newcomer Canadians in the McArthur-Overbrook area of Ottawa. A trailblazer and creative tour-de-force, she was the originator of the Overbook Community Dinner, Overbook Community Gardens and an ally in the creation of the Overbrook Community Bike Clinic, a health initiative that fixes bikes for single-parent and under-waged families. These programs, administered by the Ottawa East Seventh-day Adventist Church in Overbook, are ongoing. They continue to provide services and a sense of community to hundreds of families in the ward each year since 2013. Grateful for Sheila’s partnership, commitment and vision, we happily endorse her candidacy for city councillor in Ward 13.

Peggy Caesar - Chair
Community Services/Outreach
Ottawa East Seventh-day Adventist Church
194 Prince Albert Street,